Why hire a Third Party Spokesperson?
Launching a new product?

Need to educate your boss or client on why they should hire a 3rd party spokesperson for the brand?

  1. Build brand equity with credibility
    Use an outside expert or believable celebrity who will be embraced by the media to get across the product messaging vs. the brand’s head of R&D who will be viewed by the media as self-serving.

  2. Maximize ROI in building consumer awareness for a brand
    Reinforce the messaging of a brand’s advertising campaign in a public relations arena which allows a more cost-effective way to convey in-depth coverage of information than a 30 second commercial.

  3. Build consumer awareness
    Provide added-value from the brand as perceived by consumer and the media---not just a commercial pitch.

  4. Position or reposition a brand in the consumer’s mind
    Draw attention to new or existing products in venues where spokesperson can demonstrate “how-to” tips and educate, entertain and inform consumers.

  5. Reinforce a brand’s identity/corporate image
    Vet your spokespeople carefully matching them to brand messaging, venues, availability and budget. A new book author aligned with your brand can be affordable and highly effective. An A-list celebrity’s recognition factor may be off the charts, but likely so will the fee. When working with famous folks, consolidate as many deliverables into the shortest amount of time for the biggest bang for the buck. Make sure you work with a celebrity whose image and credentials are in sync with the brand. You don’t want a celebrity’s love life, latest movie or worse to overshadow the messaging.

  • National and local TV appearances
  • Event appearances including press conferences, touring mall promotions, in-store events, trade shows, sales meetings and corporate events
  • Desk side visits with editors
  • Blogger round-tables
  • Satellite TV (SMT) and radio media tours (RMT)
  • Online media tours (OMT) and ground media tours (GMT)
  • Video (VNR) and radio (RNR) news releases
  • Social media posts - Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, etc.
  • Internal communications, online and training videos
  • Packaging and point of purchase displaysProduct Demonstrations
  • Contests and prizes for sweepstakes winners
  • Mat releases and targeted press mailings
  • Bylined articles and consumer tips in booklets and on brand websites
  • Website chat rooms
  • Audio and Video Podcasts
  • White paper
  • Webinars
  • Licensed product lines
  • e-books
  • Home shopping channels
  • Infomercials and other direct response venues
  • Catalogs and custom publications