Why hire a Third Party Spokesperson
1. Build brand positioning and brand equity with credibility
Use an outside expert or believable celebrity who will be embraced by the media to get across the product messaging vs. the brand’s head of R&D who will most certainly be viewed by the media as self-serving.

2. Maximize ROI in building
consumer brand awareness

Reinforce a brand’s advertising campaign in a public relations arena which allows a more cost-effective way to convey in-depth coverage of information than a 30 second commercial.

3. Reinforce a brand’s
identity/corporate image

Vet your spokespeople and brand ambassadors carefully matching them to brand messaging, venues, availability and budget. A new book author aligned with your brand can be more affordable and highly effective. An A-list celebrity’s recognition factor may be off the charts, but likely so will the fee. Consolidate as many deliverables into the shortest amount of time for the biggest bang for the buck when working with famous folks.

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Spokespersons Plus Network
Your Professional Spokesperson Resource

Looking for a 3rd party spokesperson brand ambassador, celebrity spokesperson, or subject matter expert for your next consumer marketing campaign? Or, B2B initiative?

Don’t have the time or in-house expertise to research, vet and secure spokespeople?

Wish you could turn the process over to a pro?

Bingo! Partner with me, Deb Durham, the dependable doyenne of spokesperson brokering. As a former national media spokesperson for brand-names-you-know and the pioneer the spokesperson brokerage biz, I’ve been delivering effective brand ambassadors for 30+ years.

Due to my vast network of relationships with agents, managers and spokespeople, I have immediate access (typically 1 phone call) to thousands of credible talent and a continuously replenished database. I streamline the process of hiring and managing a spokesperson saving YOU time, money and reputation.

Need a beauty expert for QVC? A sports figure for a B2B campaign targeted to your customer? An A-lister to appear at a high-end trade show? A family lifestyle expert for a new product launch? You guessed it. I found a spokesperson just right for each of these cases. And always within budget.

Whether you want an expert or celebrity, give me your spokesperson campaign specs and I’ll turn around a customized list of candidates---FAST! I am the one-stop, user-friendly resource for all your spokesperson needs. Join SPOKESPERSONS PLUS NETWORK®’s list of diversified clients. You’ll be among such heavyweights as American Express, Microsoft, Progressive Insurance, SC Johnson, and Wal-Mart.

And, I don’t walk away once the deal is inked. I’m there with you every step of the way. Last minute changes? I’ll be the one to tell the spokesperson. Spokesperson straying off message? I’ll be the one to tell the spokesperson. Other issues? You got it. I’ll be the one to tell the spokesperson.

So, email, call, or even text me now! I’m ready to discuss your next campaign when you are. What are you waiting for?

Best regards,

Deborah Durham
(505) 310-2848
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Deb Durham, Spokesperson Broker
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Looking to become a spokesperson
or brand ambassador?
5 Reasons Why You Should Work with Deb Instead of One of the Big Guys
I’m a trusted insider who pioneered the business = You benefit from 30+ years’ experience (yes, I was a child prodigy)
User-friendly, personalized service working with the top banana = No bureaucracy
Low overhead = I come in at or under budget including my commission every time =
My perspective both in front of and behind the camera = I know what you’re looking for in a spokesperson having been one myself
Über-fast turnaround = Same day customized list of candidates